About this Blog

This online bulletin is a private initiative to archive and make weekly bulletins more accessible to the faithful of the Priory of St Pius X, Singapore, and the rest of the world. The blogger also hopes that by having this paper-free bulletin, he can help to save some trees and costs for printing the bulletins.

For people who are not attending Mass at the Priory of St Pius X, but would like to visit, learn more about the traditional Catholic faith, attend the traditional Latin Mass or other devotions and conferences, this blog hopes to provide the necessary schedule and contact information of the Priests stationed at the Priory.

The Society of St Pius X is a Society of traditional Catholic priests, brothers, nuns and oblates. Founded in 1970 by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, it was set up chiefly to protect and preserve the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to ensure a continuity in the traditional education and formation of Catholic priests. Under the patronage of the glorious Pope St Pius X, the Society aimed to restore all things in Christ by providing the Holy Mother Church with priests and religious who adhere to the traditional Catholic faith, and guarding and feeding Her children – the Catholics – with the Sacraments and good, solid Catholic teachings.

You may find more information of the Society of St Pius X here.

I pray that you would find this little blog useful. Please feel free to leave any (friendly) comments.

May the good Lord and His merciful Mother bless and keep you always!

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